General Plan

The General Plan serves as a long-term policy guide for Anderson's physical, economic, and environmental growth.  It is a statement of the community's vision for ultimate growth.  The Plan will allow needed growth while protecting the “small town” characteristics of Anderson. The Plan emphasizes planning for the health and safety of all residents—now and in the future. Extending the various general plan diagrams to cover the entire planning area is a new feature of the General Plan. 

California State Law (Government Code Section 65300) requires the City of Anderson to adopt a general plan “for the physical development of the city, and any land outside its boundaries which . . . bears relation to its planning.” The general plan serves as a “constitution” for development, the foundation upon which all land use decisions are to be based. It expresses community development goals and embodies public policy relative to the distribution of future land use, both public and private. In summary, it is a statement of the City’s vision of its physical growth over the next 20 years to the year 2027.