Planning Commission

The Planning Commission acts "To partner with and engage our community to
provide services, preserve our small town atmosphere,protect our parks, enhance
the quality of life and plan for the future". The City of Anderson
Planning Commission (PC) consists of five (5)members appointed by the City
Council. The commission's task is to review evaluate and approve rezoning
requests, general plan amendments,use permits and tentative subdivision and
parcel maps,maintaining the applicable standards and policies of the City of

The Planning Commission acts as an advisory board to the City Council

on legislative matters such as zoning and general plan matters; where the Council has
final ruling.

The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Monday each month at 6:00 pm in the
City Council Chambers,  City Hall, 1887 Howard Street, Anderson, California. See the Commission calendar here.

Patrick Warren:(Design Review Representative)
Scott Fookes:(Vice-Chair)                            
Angie Hawkins:                                            
Dan Gallier: (Chair)                                      

Ron Barnett:                                                 

Next Planning Commission Meeting
           Next meeting is June 27th , 2022