Design Review

In addition to other planning and building permit processes, projects are subject to a Design Review under the following circumstances:

A. Whenever a contractor, developer or their designee intends to construct three or more single-family residences on contiguous land; or

B. Whenever an application is made for a building permit involving new construction or exterior modifications for any multifamily, commercial, or industrial building or any building or structure in any multiple-family, commercial or industrial district; or

C. In any special circumstance where, in the opinion of the planning commission, the review of the proposed project will be beneficial to the city.

The Design Review Committee reviews preliminary drawings and sketches and shall approve or conditionally approve drawings and sketches prior to the issuance of the building permit. It shall be the responsibility of the design review committee to determine that there is sufficient architectural merit and compatibility in building decor and landscaping to ensure the development of a project, which is in keeping with quality development and construction, aesthetic beauty, and is environmentally compatible with community goals and policies. The committee may require special landscaping, additional housing plans, varied setback requirements or other criteria necessary to achieve these purposes.

Projects that are routine or minor in nature are reviewed by City staff with the Community Development Department issuing the approvals at the staff level.

Larger projects are reviewed by the Design Review Committee consisting of the following:

  • A Planning Commissioner (appointed by the Planning Commission).
  • A City Public Works Department representative.
  • A City Police Department representative.

Design Review decisions are valid for one year unless a different timeline is specified in the approval.

The following are required submittals:

A. Completed design review application.

B. Preliminary architectural drawings or renderings of each proposed building or structure shall be submitted for design review and shall be approved for submittal by the secretary of the design review committee. Such drawings or renderings need not be final but shall indicate sufficient detail and reasonable accuracy:

1. Site plan or plans
2. Elevations
3. Landscaping plans
4. Utility locations
5. Off-street parking and vehicular access
6. Color samples of the exterior
7. Relationship of building or structures to adjacent existing or proposed buildings; structures or projects including site orientation
8. Trash enclosures for all projects except single-family dwellings;

C. No building permit shall be issued in any case where design review is required until such drawings and sketches have been approved by the Design Review Committee or Planning Commission or City Council, in the event of an appeal, and all buildings, structures and grounds shall be in accordance with the drawings and sketches.

Anyone may appeal in writing the decision of the Design Review Committee within ten days of the decision to the Planning Commission. In addition, the Design Review Committee may, if it deems advisable, refer any application for design approval directly to the Planning Commission for a decision. Any decision of the Planning Commission with respect to the design review may be appealed in writing to the City Council within ten days of the decision of the Planning Commission.

The Design Review Committee meets on the second Wednesday each month at 2:00 PM in the 3rd floor conference room at City Hall, 1887 Howard Street, Anderson, California.  See the Committee calendar here.

Design Review Agenda: 
January 12Th  , 2022 Meeting: Canceled

The Anderson Municipal Code is accessed here

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