Facility Rental

Birthdays, family reunions, sports celebrations are perfect for hosting at Anderson parks. Our park facilities can accommodate groups large and small.  

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Besides our facilities and picnic areas, there are acres of lawn or back country trails that make for beautiful picnic areas. Bring your picnic baskets, a blanket and enjoy!

Please note to secure a space or facility we must receive deposit and fees in full. Once payment is received your spot will be placed on the rental calendar. We do not allow bounce houses or water slides of any type at Anderson River Park.

If you are planning an event that will be open to the public and/or are charging a fee for people to participate, there are additional requirements/fees required in order to host your event.
$200 Public Event Fee will be added to your reservation.
A Certificate of Liability Insurance is required for a minimum of $2 million liability. The following verbiage is required on the Certificate of Insurance.
* Additional Insured MUST show and read: The City of Anderson, its officers, agents and employees.
* Certificate Holder: City of Anderson
See Sample Here
If alcohol is being sold or being served and you are charging a ticket fee, requesting donations, have any type of monetary transaction at your event, etc. you are required to obtain a permit from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control that must be signed off by the Anderson Police Department and the City of Anderson by obtaining a signed liquor letter. 
If this will be an event with music and band(s)/DJ will be playing cover music you must obtain a license to play others’ music. You can contact BMI.com, SESAC.com or ascap.com for more information on obtaining a one day or annual license.
Proof of a City of Anderson business license is required for each entity that is working the event. This includes bands, DJ, food vendors, event vendors, etc, anyone providing a service or selling at the event. All Business Licenses must be verified by the City of Anderson Finance Department prior to the event.

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