Construction Standards

Construction Standards

The  Anderson Municipal Code defines “Construction Standards” as “published construction specifications, design criteria, guidelines, plan submittal requirements, construction criteria and standard plans.  Construction Standards are prepared by the public works director and shall be filed with the city clerk and the public works director on a bi-annual basis.   The construction standards provide guidelines and minimum standards that shall be applied to the design and construction of streets, alleys, paths, bikeways, signing, pavement delineation, grading, storm drainage, storm water treatment facilities, sanitary sewers, domestic water, fire service, landscaping, erosion control, street lighting, utility box and vault locations, open space access, right of way fencing, trash enclosures, drafting and design presentation and other instructional items deemed necessary by the public works director to guide and regulate improvements of land.”

The City’s Public Works Director has adopted the Construction Standards of the City of Redding, California, as the Construction Standards for the City of Anderson – with exceptions.

The City’s Public Works Director reviews the Standards on an on-going basis and publishes updated exceptions on a semi-annual basis.  The updated exceptions are posted on the City’s web site and filed with the City Clerk. 

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Section 050 - Definitions & Specifications
Section 100 - Streets
Section 200 - Storm Drains
Section 300 - Sanitary Sewer
Section 400 - Water
Section 500 - Electric
Section 600 - Miscellaneous
Section 700 - Grading & Landscaping
Section 800 - Stormwater Management

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