Recycling and Organic Recycling Overview

What Goes Where?

Gray Bin: plastic utensils, soiled containers, shipping package, hangers, hoses, straws, plastic wrap, glass ware, snack bags, snack wrappers, coffee pods, dishware, vases, facial tissues, disposable gloves, bubble wrap, diapers, pet poop, Styrofoam, and all other non-organic, non-recyclable waste.

Blue Bin: plastics labeled 1-7, card board, paper, aluminum cans, paper egg cartons, juice cartons, milk jugs, produce baskets, yogurt cups, glass bottles, plastic bottles, jars, plastic food containers, plastic toys, aluminum foil and trays, cereal boxes, cartons, glass jars, plastic cups, mail, envelopes, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, sticky notes, phone books, magazines, paper bags, shredded paper, empty aerosol cans, clear glass jars, metal food cans and containers, beer bottle caps, keys, broken glass, wrapping paper, and paper food boxes.

Green Bin: branch trimmings, grass clippings, leaves, wood chips,  non-hazardous wood waste, flowers, and weeds.

Return or Reuse: plastic bags or paper bags.

Donate Reusable Items: small appliances, clothes, furniture, kitchen supplies, blankets, and all other textiles.

Call WM Landfill in Shasta County at 530-225-5789 for disposal options of
: toxic products and hazardous waste. 

How should I dispose of...?: Click on the links provided by CalRecycle below to find disposal sites for special waste. In the search bar, type in the city, address, zip code, or county in order to find the closest disposal site for the unwanted items:

To learn more about recycling, visit CalRecycle.  For any recycling program questions, visit the 'Programs' drop down button on the website and learn more about the disposal of special or hazardous waste.

Recycling Bills
  • AB 341- Mandatory Commercial Recycling
  • AB 1826- Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling
  • SB 1383- Organic Waste Reduction

City of Anderson Compliance Updates:
The City of Anderson is currently working towards compliance with the solid waste laws AB 341, AB 1826, and SB 1383, imposed by the state agency, Calrecycle . Full compliance of businesses having recycling collection (AB 341) is the City's primary goal. The City has sent out letters to the businesses who are not compliant, and between January and March of 2024, site visits will be conducted to determine whether service at the location is needed, or if a wavier for the business will suffice. Compliance for businesses and residents having organics recycling (AB 1826 and SB 1383) is the City's secondary goal. Currently, the City is conducting site visits to provide AB 1826 organic recycling waivers to the businesses that are eligible. The City will continue to work towards compliance with AB 1826 and SB 1383 as soon as the WM Landfill Organics Facility becoming operational and functional. WM is currently working towards the permitting process to build the organics facility. The City will continue to provide updates on the progress of the Organics Facility. If there are any questions or comments, please email or call 530-378-6660. 


City of Anderson
(530) 378- 6660

Customer Service: 800-479-8101
West Anderson Landfill: 530-347-5236
Anderson-Cottonwood Disposal: 530-221-4784

WM Main: 866-825-7190