City of Anderson Street Cleaning

After the first freeze, starting around November 1st, lasting to January 1st leaves become a problem in the gutters and can block drains during raining periods, causing flooding. The City of Anderson begins its annual leaf program and attempts to pick up as many leaves as possible to insure safety and proper water flow into the drains. Residents are asked to make large piles of leaves in front of their homes away from curbs, away from storm drains and other obstacles, so water can pass during rainy periods. The street crews can be of service and pick up the nuisance leaves removing them from the street faster, if we work together. There is no weekly schedule for this service. Usually once per week, and not always the same day. Green waste can be removed by putting it into the recycle bins supplied by Waste Management. The sweeper is scheduled daily, during this program, to assist Public Works with the pick up.

Each April, one week is dedicated to our Anderson residents to assist them in removing unwanted trash and debris from their place of occupancy. Anderson Public Works Department has dumpster's placed at certain locations to have larger unwanted items dropped off free of charge to residents only on a Saturday.
Waste Management will pick up trash from all Anderson residents. Trash must be in containers weighing not more than 50 lbs. and placed at the curb prior to the schedule morning pick up. Recyclable materials should be placed in separate containers. No TV's with picture tubes. No monitors or anything with fluorescent bulbs or cathode tube will be allowed.

PLEASE: No Hazardous Materials including; paints, solvents, chemicals, cleaning products, pesticides, motor oil, batteries, tires, picture tubes, fluorescent bulbs, cathode ray tubes or monitors.