Annual Hydrant Flushing

The City of Anderson Water Department will be flushing water mains during certain months of the year. The flushing program will begin the first week of February.

Hydrant Program

The goal is to ensure the best possible water quality for customers by scouring accumulating mineral sediments from pipes.

Flushing of water mains may seem to be a waste of water, but this process is necessary to prevent future water quality problems. City crews will be using a systematic approach that concentrates on relatively small pipeline segments in a well-defined sequence. This process known as unidirectional flushing is much more effective than conventional flushing, and it requires much less water to achieve the desired results.

If your water appears discolored during the flushing operation, do not wash your clothes. Iron and Manganese sediments can cause permanent staining of laundry items. You should also wait for the water to clear before using it for drinking or cooking.

Please call the City of Anderson Water Department if your water coloration does not return to normal within a very short period of time. The phone number to call to report a problem is 530-378-6626.

2021 Flushing Notice