Water System Overview

The City’s water supply is provided via ten groundwater wells that draw water from the Anderson Subbasin. The City fully owns and operates its water distribution system which includes over 46 miles of piping, two storage reservoirs, as well as chlorination and pumping facilities.

The water utility has approximately 3,500 active accounts. The City serves a predominantly residential customer base, with residential customers inside the City accounting for 82% of all water accounts and 65% of total water use in 2019.  Approximately 230 of the City’s customers live outside the City of Anderson in Wooded Acres.

From 2015 through 2019, total consumption has averaged approximately 87,000,000 cubic feet per calendar year.   From 2017 through 2019, the highest monthly consumption has been approximately 14,000,000 cubic feet during the month of July.

The City’s current rate structure bills usage when a customer uses over 1,000 cubic feet during a monthly billing cycle.   Any amount used in a month, that is less than 1,000 cubic feet, is included in the flat-rate. 

2020 Urban Water Management Plan

2020 Water Rate Study Report
2020 Water Rate Study Presentation

2006 Water Master Plan
2022 WSCP Public Notice

Consumer Confidence Report - Main Water System
Consumer Confidence Report - Wooded Acres