Exercise and sensible eating are key elements of long-term health, and the City of Anderson encourages you to eat healthy and to enjoy walking on our local trails. The Anderson River Park trail system, the Willow Glen and Homewood trail system, the Ravenwood trail system, and the extensive trails forthcoming in the Vineyards at Anderson and Volonte Park are just a few of the notable places in Anderson to enjoy the healthy habit of walking. 

See locations and distances in our MAP OF WALKING TRAILS

Anderson River Park: Take a breathtaking stroll or bike ride along the Sacramento River and enjoy all the wildlife and plant life, too. Plenty of shade from large oak trees. This route takes you all the way around the outside trail. It is uneven ground, so is best for individuals steady on their feet. For horse lovers, this is a great route to ride. Make sure to stay off the paved areas (horses not allowed). 

Anderson Heights Neighborhood Route: Plenty of shade from large trees in this quiet, older, family neighborhood. Easy walks that are great for the whole family or friends who want to get out and get moving. There are no restrooms or drinking fountains along the routes. 

Ravenwood Neighborhood Trail: Ravenwood has large beautiful trees along most of the trail for plenty of shade. Start of trail is uneven ground, then turns into sidewalk. Variety of wildlife contained in the lush green plants and shrubs. There are no restrooms or drinking fountains along the trail. Virginia Ohn Park is located close by at Stingy Lane and North streets, a beautiful and peaceful place. 

Willow Glen Neighborhood Trail: Willow Glen has a flat, paved surface that is great for wheelchairs, strollers, and those who need a solid flat surface for walking. There are two ponds, with various types of birds and other wildlife. Lush green plants line the ponds. There is not much shade, so be sure to cover up and wear a hat. There are no restrooms or drinking fountains along the trail. The Green area is the future site of Homewood Park and Trail. 

Volante Park: The park is a work in progress. This is a nice trail for the active family. A great place to take the dogs and let them get exercise. Nice shade trees along the first part of Bruce Street. The rest of the trail is out in the open. A large wetland area is by the levee, with various birds, other wildlife and a variety of plants. There are restrooms, a drinking fountain and benches by the little league park. There is a picnic table by the skate park.